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luxury without compromise

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The brand

WØRKS melbourne is a luxury personal care and lifestyle brand built on the values of good health, environmental ethics and meticulous Danish design. We believe that organic, sustainable and vegan products should never come at the cost of style, luxury and sophistication, so we create premium products for discerning individuals while maintaining environmental integrity.

With an ethos of without compromise, we develop formulations that perform to the highest standards of efficacy; keep our ingredients lists short and transparent; design functional and sustainable packaging that looks and feels beautiful; and focus on the health and wellbeing of our clients.

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We are committed to keeping our environmental impact as minimal as possible. This is reflected in the certified organic, fair trade and sustainably grown and harvested raw materials we use; our commitment to end plastic pollution; our carbon neutral shipping policy; our sustainable packaging; and our guarantee that every WØRKS melbourne product is vegan and cruelty-free.

We have designed all of our glass vessels to be 100% reusable. To ensure that no part of our packaging enters landfill or contributes to the burden on the recycling system, we encourage our clients to repurpose their glass vessels in line with our Zero Waste Program.

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The philosophy

Founded by Danish entrepreneur Christoffer Kjærgård and Australian TV Presenter Suze Raymond, WØRKS melbourne bridges the gap between beautifully designed skincare and discernible environmental ethics. The pair decided to curate a line of personal skincare when their own search for sustainable luxury products returned little to no result.

“We saw opportunities to innovate, from environmental impact, sensory experience and efficacy, to design, functionality and consumer health and wellbeing,” says Suze.

Christoffer, who moved from Denmark to Australia in 2015, headed up an extensive design process to create the brand’s signature look. “The Danish aesthetic is about meticulous design that functions seamlessly and looks and feels beautiful. It was imperative to me that we incorporated that into every product,” he says.

Established in 2018, WØRKS is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.