What is WØRKS’ environmental policy? +

One of our founding values is environmental integrity, which means we are committed to keeping our impact as minimal as possible. We assess every aspect of our business for its ecological ethics, go to great lengths to ensure that we consistently make the best choices across the board, and strive to constantly innovate and improve.

This is reflected in the organic, fair trade and sustainably grown and harvested raw materials we use, our glass packaging, our carbon neutral shipping policy, our commitment to end plastic pollution, and our guarantee that every WØRKS product is vegan and cruelty-free.

Further, we have designed all of our packaging to be 100% reusable. We encourage our clients to repurpose their glass vessels in line with our Zero Waste Program to reduce the burden on the recycling system. To learn more, visit our Packaging FAQ.

Are WØRKS' products vegan + cruelty-free? +

Yes. Every WØRKS product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We don’t use beeswax, lanolin, honey, goat milk, animal fats or any other animal derivatives in our formulations. We don’t test on animals or use ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Where are WØRKS' products made? +

Every WØRKS product is formulated, manufactured and packaged in Melbourne, Australia.

Does WØRKS use synthetic or artificial fragrances? +

No WØRKS product contains any synthetic or artificial fragrance. The signature scent in our ÅRHUS organic hand soap and hand cream is 100% naturally derived. Our KØBENHAVN organic coffee scrubs are naturally fragranced by freshly ground organic coffee and spices.

Does WØRKS use palm oil? +

No WØRKS product contains palm oil. We are committed to sourcing and using only ethically produced and sustainably grown and harvested raw materials.

How are WØRKS' ingredients lists different? +

WØRKS is committed to full transparency. We want our clients to know exactly what is in our products so they can be empowered and informed to make conscious choices about what they use on their skin. We are proud of the high quality raw materials we use and we have no reason to hide behind confusing ingredients lists.

Does WØRKS have a refill program? +

At WØRKS melbourne we take our commitment to sustainability seriously. Our Zero Waste Program ensures that no part of our ÅRHUS packaging ends up contributing to landfill or the overburdened recycling system.

When our clients purchase subsequent ÅRHUS products, we encourage them to select the screw cap option. Upon receipt of their order, the client simply removes the existing pump from their empty bottle and fits it to the new product for immediate use.

The empty bottle can then be cleaned, sterilised and fitted with the screw cap, allowing it to be sealed and repurposed as a storage vessel.

We offer a reduced price on the screw cap option to encourage our clients to make sustainable choices.

A similar program for our KØBENHAVN collection is launching soon.



Does WØRKS offer product samples? +

Yes. WØRKS runs a complimentary sample program so our clients can try before they buy. To obtain a sample pack simply visit our online store, add a sample pack to your cart, and check out. We cover the cost of the samples and offer carbon free shipping for a flat rate of $6, which is applied at checkout.

We believe in the quality and integrity of our products. We know that once our clients experience the WØRKS difference, they don't look back.

What is the shelf life of WØRKS' products? +

Every WØRKS product has a shelf life of six months from the date of opening.

All WØRKS products are 100% natural and contain no synthetic or artificial preservatives. For this reason, we recommend storing your WØRKS product in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and under 30 degrees celsius.

Please keep your KØBENHAVN jar in a dry place, as exposure to excessive water may adversely impact the wooden lid over time.

Are WØRKS' products suitable for people with nut allergies? +

Our KØBENHAVN scrubs and our ÅRHUS hand cream contain skin-loving sweet almond oil, so unfortunately they are not suitable for those with nut allergies. However, our ÅRHUS hand soap is nut-free, making it suitable for those with allegies.

We have had many requests for nut-free products and we are working on a complete alternative range suitable for people with nut allergies.

Does WØRKS have a subscription service? +

We don’t currently have a subscription service, but this is on our agenda. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our clients’ experience, reduce waste, and rethink packaging to lower our environmental impact. If you are interested in joining a future subscription service, please contact us via our contact page or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.

What do KØBENHAVN and ÅRHUS mean? +

KØBENHAVN is the Danish spelling of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. ÅRHUS is Denmark’s second largest city, and the hometown of WØRKS co-founder Christoffer Kjærgård. Our collections are named for these cities because Denmark – the world’s most organic country and a world-renowned design hub – is the inspiration behind many of our company values.

Is WØRKS an Australian or Danish company? +

WØRKS is Australian owned and operated. One half of our founding team is Danish, which is why we have a strong Danish influence, however the company is proudly Australian.

How can I make a media enquiry? +

For all media and PR enquiries or to request a media kit, please contact suze@worksmelbourne.com



Why scrub with coffee? +

Many scrubs contain plastic micro beads, which enter waterways and end up the in the ocean where they contribute to environmental degradation. By comparison, ground coffee is an excellent eco-friendly exfoliating agent that has minimal environmental impact.

Further, the caffeine in coffee stimulates circulation, which is highly beneficial to the skin. Unlike salt scrubs, coffee granules are gentle enough to deeply exfoliate without causing damage to the skin.

How is the coffee in WØRKS' scrubs different? +

The simple answer is quality. We believe that any product is only as good as the sum of its parts, so every ingredient in our scrubs is carefully selected for its integrity, naturopathic qualities, proven performance and environmental impact.

We source premium fair trade, organic and sustainably grown and harvested green coffee beans. We roast, blend and grind our beans in-house to maintain end-to-end control and guarantee the quality of the final product.

As a Melbourne brand, we understand the importance of good coffee, so we treat the coffee beans in our scrubs with the same care that we would treat beans for drinking.

Why does WØRKS blend robusta + arabica coffee beans? +

Robusta beans are naturally higher in caffeine, which is integral to the stimulating properties of coffee scrub. However, the higher caffeine content of robusta beans leads to a bitter smell, which is often masked by the addition of fragrance.

We add a carefully curated percentage of arabica beans to our blend to ensure that high levels of caffeine are maintained while the scrubs smell beautiful without the need for any masking fragrances.

Where does WØRKS source its coffee beans? +

Our certified organic coffee beans are sourced from fair trade coffee plantations in Columbia. The beans are grown and harvested sustainably for minimal environmental impact.

Why does WØRKS have three KØBENHAVN coffee scrubs? +

Each product in our KØBENHAVN collection is designed to address specific skin concerns and work on different skin types. The coffee beans in the three different scrubs are ground to varying degrees of coarseness, blended with different organic sugars that have granules of varying sizes, and infused with organic spices, which have properties that address specific skin concerns. The result? There is a KØBENHAVN scrub for every skin type.

Why does WØRKS use sugar in its scrubs instead of salt? +

Salt naturally forms into granules that have sharp edges, which can cause micro tears in the skin that lead to redness and irritation. Further, salt is a natural dehydrator so it is very drying on the skin.

Sugar naturally forms into round granules that have soft edges, which make it an effective exfoliator that also protects the skin from damage. Further, sugar is a natural humectant, meaning it hydrates the skin by locking in moisture.

Why does WØRKS use spices in its scrubs? +

The organic spices in our scrubs have been carefully selected for their naturopathic qualities. Each spice contains natural compounds that address specific skin concerns, ensuring that our scrubs have multiple active ingredients to target a variety of skin problems.

Further, freshly ground whole spices make our scrubs smell beautiful and negate the need for added fragrance.



How is ÅRHUS organic hand soap different? +

ÅRHUS is a true liquid soap, not a hand wash. The difference? Soap is the only type of cleansing product that can be made with 100% plant based raw materials and can be certified organic. Hand wash is made from manmade materials, primarily synthetic detergents, and cannot be certified organic.

Our ÅRHUS organic hand soap is derived from nourishing organic sunflower and coconut oils along with organic glycerin – a natural byproduct of the oils – that softens and moisturises the skin.

This lightweight, low foam soap undergoes minimal processing and contains no synthetic detergents, animal fats, foaming agents, surfactants, toxins, colouring agents or artificial fragrances.

ÅRHUS is gentle on the skin and cleanses effectively without drying or irritating.

What is the ÅRHUS signature scent? +

Our ÅRHUS signature scent is clean, woody, herbaceous and gender-neutral. The fragrance is 100% naturally derived and contains no synthetics or artificial ingredients.

Signature scent fragrance descriptors: top notes of bergamot and tangelo; heart notes of lavandin and neroli; base notes of cedar and orange flower.

What is the ethical + environmental impact of ÅRHUS? +

Our certified organic soap base has been accredited by the Soil Association UK, which ensures the integrity of the oils in relation to their environmental impact, and guarantees the long-term sustainability of the crops. This not only protects the environment from intensive farming and chemical fertilisers and pesticides, but also passes these benefits directly onto your skin.

ÅRHUS does not contain synthetic fragrances, detergents or petrochemicals, which can upset the delicate balance of the ecosystem when they enter the wastewater system. The natural plant based raw materials used to manufacture ÅRHUS ensure that the formulation is biodegradable and has a minimal environmental impact.



Why are WØRKS' products packaged in glass? +

WØRKS is committed to reducing plastic pollution and is proudly 98% plastic-free. We encourage our clients to reuse and repurpose our beautiful glass vessels; however, should they enter the recycling system they have a lower environmental impact than recyclable plastic. Glass can be recycled in perpetuity so it never contributes to landfill, while recyclable plastic can only be recycled approximately eight times before it is committed to landfill.

Is glass packaging safe for use in the bathroom? +

We have taken a number of measures to ensure that our glass vessels are as safe as possible. Each vessel is fitted with a bespoke low profile non-slip silicon mat on the underside, which prevents it from sliding or moving on bathroom vanities, shelves or benches.

In the event of a breakage, our wrap-around labels are designed to hold the glass together to prevent splintering.

How can WØRKS' jars & bottles be repurposed? +

All of WØRKS' packaging is designed to be functional, minimal and beautiful, which is why we encourage our clients to keep and repurpose our glass vessels.

When purchasing a subsequent ÅRHUS product, we encourage our clients to select the screwcap option. Upon receipt of the new product, simply remove the screwcap and replace it with the existing pump. This represents a reduction in plastic waste and lessens the burden on the recycling system by reducing contributions to it.

The screwcap can be fitted to the empty bottle, allowing it to be repurposed. We encourage our clients to thoroughly clean and steralise their glass bottle, then add the screwcap to create a designer multipurpose 500ml vessel.

A refill program for our KØBENHAVN collection is coming soon. In the meantime, our KØBENHAVN glass jars can be repurposed as tea light candle holders, stationary containers, small kitchen canisters, or however their owners see fit.

To maintain the integrity of the wooden lid, please keep your KØBENHAVN jar in a dry place. Exposure to excessive water may adversely impact the wooden lid over time.




What is the cost of shipping? +

We offer complimentary Australia-wide shipping for all orders of $50 or more. For orders of $49 or less, shipping is charged at a flat rate of $12. The only exception to this is our sample pack, which is shipped to any Australian residential address for a flat rate of $6.

What is the expected time frame for delivery? +

Orders to metro area will be delivered within seven business days from the date the order was placed. Delivery to regional areas may take longer.

What service does WØRKS use to ship orders? +

WØRKS uses a third-party company, Sendle, to ship all orders. Sendle operates a 100% carbon neutral courier service, so the environmental impact of shipping our products Australia-wide is offset. Why? Because environmental ethics is integral to the way we do business.

How can orders from WØRKS be tracked during shipping? +

Once your order has been shipped you will receive a tracking number. Simply enter that tracking number to follow your order here: https://try.sendle.com/tracking

Is it necessary to provide a signature upon delivery? +

Yes. All deliveries of full sized products must be made to residential address (not PO boxes) and must be signed for upon receipt.

Sample packs do not require a signature upon delivery. WØRKS authorises that your sample pack may be left in a safe place at your nominated residential address if you are not home to receive it.

Does WØRKS offer international shipping? +

Unfortunately we are unable to offer international shipping at this stage. If you live outside Australia and you’re interested in purchasing our products, please sign up to our newsletter to receive updates. We’ll notify you as soon as international shipping becomes available.

Can orders be changed or cancelled? +

We are unable to cancel or make changes to orders once they have been placed, so please shop with care.

What payment methods are accepted? +

WØRKS accepts secure payments through VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.

Can products be returned for an exchange or refund? +

All sales are final. WØRKS does not accept returns or offer refunds or exchanges on any product. If you are unsure about whether you’ll enjoy our products, we suggest you order a free sample pack prior to placing an order for full size products.

What happens if a product is damaged in transit? +

If an item is damaged during transit, the client must take photographs clearly showing the damage within 24 hours of receipt, and provide those photographs to WØRKS via email to info@worksmelbourne.com for assessment. Original proof of purchase must also be provided.

If WØRKS determines that the damage occurred during transit, the item may be returned for an exchange or refund. Return postage must be paid by the client and will be reimbursed by WØRKS via the original method of payment. Please retain the postal receipt and/or tracking number associated with the return to avoid items being lost in the post.