Interview: Australian Interiors Chats to WØRKS melbourne Founders Christoffer Kjærgård & Suze Raymond

WØRKS melbourne founders Christoffer Kjærgård and Suze Raymond sat down with Australian Interiors – a publication that champions beautiful interior design – and chatted all things WØRKS, design and sustainability.

AI: Do you have any exciting projects you are currently working on that you’d like to share?

C: We’ve recently launched our debut collections KØBENHAVN and ÅRHUS. Named after Denmark’s capital, the KØBENHAVN collection consists of three luxury organic spice-infused coffee scrubs for the face and body. Named after my home town in Denmark – and Europe’s 2017 Capital of Culture – ÅRHUS is a luxury organic hand soap and hand cream duo. All of our products are made with certified organic and fair-trade raw materials that have been grown and harvested sustainably. 

Pictured: KØBENHAVN organic coffee scrub by WØRKS melbourne

Pictured: KØBENHAVN organic coffee scrub by WØRKS melbourne

AI: You have some gorgeous imagery for your branding, can you tell us a little about the photo shoot? 

S: Our launch campaign shoot took place at a private home in Kensington owned by a Danish/Vietnamese couple. Following on from a complete renovation and re-build, the house was beautifully styled with Scandinavian furniture and Danish design principles in mind. It was an absolute pleasure to shoot there as it aligns perfectly with our brand.

We’ve just completed a second photo shoot, which is a collaboration between ourselves, Cult Design and Danish designer homewares brand Vipp. Shooting with the beautiful products from Vipp and being surrounded by designer furniture at Cult Design was an incredible experience. The photos will be released soon.

AI: What inspired you to start the brand?

C: We wanted to bridge the gap between luxury and sustainability. We were inspired to build a brand with true integrity and create personal care products that deliver a beautiful sensory experience while upholding environmental ethics. Coming from Denmark, where the organic market share is huge and good design is a way of life, it was a natural fit to create a designer organic brand.  

Pictured: ÅRHUS organic hand soap and hand cream duo by WØRKS melbourne

Pictured: ÅRHUS organic hand soap and hand cream duo by WØRKS melbourne

AI: What did you do prior to launching the brand?

S: I had a career in television as a Presenter and Producer. I also worked for several years as a Copywriter and Editor, specialising in e-commerce and travel.
C: I owned an operated several companies: a high-performance tennis academy here in Australia and a travel business based out of Denmark.

AI: What does an average day look like?

S: Every day starts with two double-shot soy lattes, but from then on, anything can happen! We are constantly building and evolving the brand, so our days are filled with networking, research, social media, blogging and content creation, and meetings with potential suppliers and stockists. We make time for the gym three times a week and we do one or two walking meetings per week, as this is when we find ourselves at our most creative.

AI: What did you learn the hard way about launching a brand?

C: To trust gut instinct. And that you don’t know what you don’t know, which is actually a good thing for all entrepreneurs. If you knew ahead of time all of the challenges you’d face, you’d never get started.

AI: What does the next 5 years look like for WØRKS ?

S: We’d like to see WØRKS in some major retailers around Australia and continue to build long-term relationships with our clients here before expanding internationally, first and foremost to Denmark. We also have plans to grow our product lines and release several more collections in the near future.

AI: What are you listening to right now?

C: Kacey Musgraves. Her music is perfect for the office environment.

AI: What are some of your methods to stay motivated, focused and expressive?

S: Remembering the ‘why’. Keeping the cause of what we are doing front and centre is extremely motivating.

AI: What is your dream project/collaboration?

C: We’d love to collaborate with like-minded brands to create a legitimate sustainable luxury certification that consumers can trust.

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