Spilling the Beans on Coffee Scrub [arabica v robusta]

Spilling the Beans on Coffee Scrub
[arabica v robusta]

Ground coffee is an increasingly popular ingredient in face and body scrubs, and it’s easy to see why. Coffee grounds don’t contribute to environmental degradation like plastic microbeads do; the caffeine content stimulates circulation, which is beneficial to skin tone and appearance; and the size and texture of coffee granules make them perfect for sloughing off dead skin cells and removing impurities.

But does the type and quality of the coffee beans, the way those beans are processed, and the ingredients the beans are combined with affect the integrity and performance of your coffee scrub? Absolutely. Let’s break it down.

Arabica v Robusta

Arabica is universally more difficult to grow, making it more expensive to produce. Its lower levels of caffeine give it a smoother, sweeter taste, which is why Arabica is most commonly used as drinking coffee.  

Robusta grows easily, making it more abundant and less expensive. It contains higher levels of caffeine, which is beneficial when it comes to topical application: it is, after all, the caffeine in coffee that stimulates circulation and cellular renewal.

So it makes sense to use Robusta in coffee scrub, right? Kind of. That high caffeine content gives the beans a bitter taste and an unpleasant smell. Scrubs that contain only Robusta often introduce masking fragrances to disguise the poor aroma. Conversely, scrubs that contain only sweet-smelling Arabica have less caffeine content and lower levels of efficacy.

 The solution? A blend. A balanced blend of Arabica and Robusta can provide high caffeine content for maximum efficacy, while ensuring the sensory experience is not compromised and no masking fragrance is necessary.

At WØRKS melbourne, our carefully curated house blend contains fair trade and organic Arabica and Robusta beans that are sourced from sustainable coffee plantations. These beans are roasted separately to cater for the individual bean genus, before being rested, blended, ground and turned into our KØBENHAVN coffee scrubs.

Because efficacy and sensory experience should never be mutually exclusive.