organic hand soap for everyday use



Purified rainwater, saponified certified organic sunflower oil, saponified certified organic coconut oil, himalayan pink salt, certified organic glycerin, natural fragrance, citric acid. 100% naturally derived ingredients.


Developed with legitimacy and sensory experience at its core, our ÅRHUS signature scent is 100% naturally derived and contains no synthetics. This gender-neutral, clean and woody fragrance epitomises style and sophistication.

Fragrance descriptors: top notes of bergamot and tangelo; heart notes of lavandin and neroli; base notes of cedar and orange flower.


Rich in certified organic sunflower and coconut oils, our ÅRHUS organic hand soap has a silky texture and a beautiful skin feel. It gently and effectively cleanses all skin types without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Suitable for daily use in the bathroom and kitchen.


Our ÅRHUS collection contains 100% plant based raw materials that are grown and harvested sustainably. These materials undergo minimal processing to create premium quality organic products for discerning individuals whilst maintaining environmental integrity.

Our ÅRHUS organic hand soap is free from surfactants, foaming agents, SLS, palm oil and synthetics.


Apply soap to wet hands, lather and rinse under warm water. Follow with ÅRHUS organic hand cream for a smooth, supple finish.

Use whenever required for deeply cleansed and nourished hands.


Organic: We believe that organic personal care products are essential for optimal health and wellbeing. Excluding the water and salt content which, as natural elements cannot be classified as organic, our ÅRHUS organic hand soap contains 99% certified organic and 100% naturally derived raw materials.

Sustainable: We support sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. We use raw materials that have been grown and harvested sustainably; reduce plastic usage by packaging our products in reusable glass vessels; and offset the environmental impact of shipping our products Australia-wide by partnering with a carbon-neutral postage service.

Vegan + Cruelty-Free: Every WØRKS melbourne product is proudly 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We use plant based raw materials that have been selected for their naturopathic qualities and proven performance. We don’t test on animals or use raw materials that have been tested on animals.

Transparent: Our ingredients lists are short, transparent and written in plain English. We want our clients to be fully informed and empowered to make conscious decisions about the products they purchase.

Synthetic Fragrance-Free: WØRKS melbourne is proudly synthetic fragrance-free. Our ÅRHUS signature scent has been meticulously curated from naturally derived materials.

Credible: Integrity is at the core of everything we do. We uphold our brand values across the board because we care. We care about sustainability. We care about environmental ethics. And we care about your health.